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Hard Love

6 Szenen 114 min.
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Julian and Glenn are two young men desperately in love. Despite of this love, they do not miss any opportunities to enjoy life and its sexual pleasures...
As soon as Glenn has gone out to work, Julian receives his lover, a cute 20-year-old motorcyclist. It is play time now for our two young men... The young motorcyclist finishes on the kitchen table the arse taken unreservedly.
In the meantime, Glenn, our unfaithful husband, walks around in all the best places of debauchery and fornication of the capital, such as this old factory, where he meets mates looking for new love stories... you name it! All our lads experience the pleasures of great sucking, fucking action in every corner of the factory which comes to life again thanks to these extreme and heated orgies
The afternoons are boring to death waiting for Glenn. Julian likes relaxing in the Turkish baths. Very deep massage...but one of a kind one... a deep massage of the anus by young and beautiful aesthetes, there is nothing better than this to put some hot pepper stuff in life!!!
In spite of all these deceits, Love has its reasons which the Reason does not know... Obviously, that's why Julian will assist with excitation and a certain jealousy, to one to one, threesome, orgies finishing with the deep fucking of Glenn arse by four fellows.


Studio: Body Prod
Dauer: 114 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2006
Regie: Hervé Bodilis (gay)


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Szene 6
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